The history of automobiles in hip-hop holds a very special place. A symbol of success and power, one can’t count the number of songs or album covers where cars are celebrated. One can think of Rakim, who took the craziness to the extreme by sporting the Mercedes logo on his chains, rings, and even on a custom watch ! Naturally, the iconic scene of 50 Cent in his movie « Get Rich or Die Tryin' » comes to mind, where he tosses a bag full of bills to get a brand new, sparkling white Mercedes S500. For the most discerning among us, how can we not think of « Mercedes » from Master P’s label, « NO LIMIT » with one of the album covers that haunted my nights when I was younger…

A parallel can also be drawn in watchmaking; the number of collaborations between watch brands and automobiles is countless ! Initially used as a measuring device or a simple clock, the relationship between automobiles and horology has extended beyond the cockpit, with commercial partnerships and jointly developed innovations. Whether as dashboard instruments or simply marketing collaborations, these two worlds have become almost inseparable.

It was in 1968 that Bueche Girod combined two passions on the wrists of collectors. Drawing inspiration from the grille of a Mercedes, they created a design that would serve as a bridge between these two worlds.

Far from being the only ones in this endeavor at the time, one might think of Mido and Bugatti or even Corum and Rolls Royce. More recently, Richard Mille and Ferrari, as well as Jacob & Co and Bugatti.