Acquiring a watch for the first time is an important step in life, whether it’s new, used, or vintage. Here are some tips to avoid disappointment and frustration. The idea is to give you the keys to buy a watch with a sharp eye for the details that make all the difference between a bad purchase and a gem.


Step I : your budget

The first question to ask yourself is your budget. If you have no limit, perfect! You can skip this step and contact us directly to find the perfect piece for your collection. If not, make a range depending on whether you have a particular watch in mind, which is likely. This step will help you avoid frustration and wasted time in your search.

Step II : Choose your poison

Now we’re getting to the core of the subject and one of the coolest parts. Two schools of thought are to let yourself be guided by merchants, Instagram suggestions, and websites that offer their selections, or you already have a specific idea of the perfect watch, and you can move directly to the next step. If not, take the time to ask yourself the right questions. What do you want to use the watch for? What level of comfort do you want? Do you want a vintage watch from the 30s/40s or something a little more contemporary? All these questions will help you get a more precise idea of what you need.


Step III : OG only or not ?!

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s best to buy a watch that is « matching. » Today, everyone talks about financial investment, but we prefer to talk about coherence and authenticity. What is an original state? Excellent question. For us, a watch is considered coherent when its dial, case, hands, and bracelet correspond to the same period. Sometimes, certain pieces are restored, hands are repainted, or service dials are used. All these details will be reflected in the price. There’s nothing wrong with buying a watch with service parts, as long as you don’t care about coherence and the seller informs you beforehand. It can be a way to get a piece for a lower price than its market value because the dial is from a later period, for example. But keep in mind that a watch that is 100% matching will always be easier to resell/trade if you’re looking to upgrade your collection.

Step IV : Where to buy

Here, buddy, of course! Seriously, the internet is your friend, and you can search as much as you want; there are plenty of platforms and online stores. Physical stores are also an excellent place to try on watches and exchange with professionals who can also guide you in your search. But don’t hesitate to contact us by email (we have to eat too, bro).

Final step : Buy a dealer, not a watch

If you’re reading these tips, you’re at the beginning of your long journey into the world of vintage watches. My best advice is saved for last: buy from a watch dealer. This business is based on trust and expertise. If you don’t have one yet, you must be careful about who you trust. Don’t hesitate to exchange, discuss, and ask for feedback on a dealer. You’ll be more comfortable, and our business depends on it. I’d rather lose a sale than have an unsatisfied customer!